Give Your Pool A Facelift

Sooner or later time takes it’s toll on your pool. The ground begins to shift a little causing bends or leaks, the sun’s rays fade the color and even begins to break down materials and the constant freezing and thawing during winter wreaks havoc.

Eventually all pools need work done, whether it’s for practical reasons such as updates to equipment or purely cosmetic like replacing a vinyl lining. This is where we come in.  We can meet with you and talk about your ideas, needs and time frame. 

Sometimes the cost associated with a refurbishment can be scary, but getting equipment up to date, making it more efficient and repairing leaks can cut costs in the long run and even make your pool system safer. 

Call us today at 410-326-2904 and we can discuss with you the benefits to updating your pool and ease your mind.


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Personalized Services

  • Openings & Closings
  • Home Pool Maintenance Programs
  • Poolside Water Analysis
  • Salt System Conversions
  • Pool Plastering, Coping & Tiling
  • Leak Detection

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We specialize in pool openings, closings, repairs (pumps, salt systems, heaters), liner replacements, covers, chemicals, any type of parts and refurbish old pools.